Back to racing in 2021

After all the disappointing disruptions and cancellations of 2020 it has been awesome to see my athletes taking to the start lines again. Here are a few recent podium and celebratory pics from my peeps.

Jennifer pushed through tough conditions in Tusla to get to her finish line and then backed it up just 2 weeks later to secure a 70.3 World Championship slot at 70.3 Virginia. Congratulations Jennifer!
Lisa is one of the grittiest gals you will meet, her work hours don’t always allow the best training plan execution but she loves an epic challenge and will throw herself into those days with a no quit attitude. Here she is getting the job done at Eagleman 70.3.
Cynthia on the second step here at a recent local 10k! She gets on these steps quite often, I know she likes it up there. Now she is working towards Ironman France in Nice this year, and is getting really busy. Keep up the hard work Cynthia!
Doug is a proper diesel engine, and probably more comfortable running 100km than going all out in a 5k. it has been a pleasure to push Doug out of his comfort zone and work with him to get him ready for Kona this year. Here he is showing off his winner’s plaque for his 4th July 5K, I LOVE knowing that he had to get right out of his comfort zone! šŸ˜ˆ

I am really proud to have been able to play a part in all these big days keep up the hard work gang.

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