Jaimie takes on her 1st Triathlon


It was a huge pleasure to watch this gal progress from being able to swim a few laps in the pool to watching her run up the beach after the swim of her 1st Olympic Distance triathlon.


With the busiest schedule of work and travel she made it her goal to get that swim sorted out.  With a program of swim, bike and run workouts we got Jaimie ready to race in just under 6 months. Never afraid to ask questions and full of enthusiasm, it was wonderful to help her reach her goal.

Cynthia steps up


Super fantastic results for our gal Cynthia Perkins who climbed the steps for the 3rd time in as many races!  Cynthia kept us on the edge of our seats as she stormed through the field at Ironman Florida this weekend.  She took the change of venue after the hurricane in her stride and she worked some strategies into her plan after seeing the lay out of the transition the day before the race. Then she took her epic fitness and executed a race plan like a pro.  I am really excited to be working with Cynthia, she shows us what consistency in training translates to on race day and she is willing to work on her weaknesses. Cynthia has some really fun races lined up for 2019, I cant wait to see what she can do!


Sandbagging the Cat 4/5 races.

I have no real sprint, I am a triathlete so not really build for that explosive burst needed to get away from the bunch. But I do have an engine so when Sarah (In green) got a little break I jumped on her wheel, I pulled through when she started to fade and we managed to get away.  I did this in both races and managed to win after launching from her fast break.

Bike racing is mind games and strategy, and bravery, the phrase “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” kept popping into my head as I was fighting with myself to make a break.

Yes, I have asked USAC for an upgrade, hoping to get bumped up to Cat 3.